Saturday, April 9, 2011

Early Season Wriz-amblings

Just a few things to keep you updated on the comings and goings of Major League Baseball:


-Cj Hood mocked Manny and the Rays. Manny took his ball and dreads and went home. Guys who are suspected of popping PED’s are having a tough time making it to Cooperstown. Two strikes and he’s on the outside looking in.

-Nick Swisher broke Tsuyoshi Nishioka’s leg. Hasn’t Japan been through enough? Surprisingly, it was a clean play. Nishioka is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks.

-The Red Sox were 0-6 before they finally won. No team has ever made the World Series after starting 0-4. Pedroia is already talking about off season surgery.

-I can’t believe people are shocked by Ben Francisco’s early numbers. Sure, his average will drop but he’s more than capable of 20 HR’s, if he plays every day.

-"Dink and Dunking him" has replaced "No Doubles Defense" as my most hated Wheelerism.

-The MLB got a lot of flack over not having every team opening on the same day. I thought it worked out well. Two days of wall to wall baseball!

-Don’t be surprised by the Orioles’ hot start. They had the best record in the AL East last year once they hired Buck Showalter.

-Big Brown got engaged to Eagles cheerleader, Krystal Campbell. Props to her for making sure the Big Piece could still hit before taking the rock, but I gotta question his judgment. Currently, she doesn’t have job security. How do you expect to support her on a single salary?

-Lights Out until the All-Star break.

-Carlos Beltran was one of the top players in the MLB a couple seasons ago. He signed with the Mets and is now a joke.

-Speaking of the Mets they are for sale, if you are interested I, also, have a ’76 Gremlin for sale.

-Barry Bonds was seen buying Irish Spring and a bundle of rope.

-Does Charlie Manuel or Rich Dubee realize they can visit the mound to settle down their pitcher or at the very least give the bullpen time to warm-up?


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Jay Wrizight


  1. nice ride wonder if it sleeps 2???? Beltran and krod!

  2. Bonus 'Wriz Time'! No Spot Starter so Jay Wrizight going on short rest, what a horse! Watching Manny slither into retirement this week was pretty sweet.

  3. 3:45AM. Arent you stacking the bread then?

  4. Is the gremlin still for sale?
    contact me @