Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diamond Girl: Thursday????? Edition.

Hello Bunts Phaitful J
Happy Tuesday! Oh, wait. It Thursday, isn’t it???  (Blush)

My apologies for not posting my highly coveted weekly ramblings about our beloved Phillies on my usual Tuesday spot. I promise I will not ever let you down again (however, I can’t promise that my laptop wont let ME down again, but you can take that up with Hewlett Packard should it happen again).
Anyway, what’s crack-a-lackin? I’ll tell you what’s NOT… our bats. “Oh DiamondGirl,” I hear you say. “On Wednesday, the Phils had 8 runs. Shane and J-Roll each had a home run (their 4th and 1st respectively). There’s not much of an issue with the bats. We’re OK; we have R2C2 that will get us through the year juuuuuuust fine.”

Oh, really?

Look peeps. I too am nothing but awestruck by the starting pitching rotation (minus Big Joe… but I’m not giving up hope on Blanton yet!). But like I noted earlier this season via this very amazing blog – our pitching will only get us so far, especially as we get into the late summer months when teams are DYING to get a playoff/wildcard position.
I am told over and over not to worry. And I’m not losing any sleep over it frankly. However, I AM losing the opportunity to talk about something OTHER than pitching. Should I rag on Howard who obviously hasn’t learned his lesson on swinging on pretty much everything? Lame and pointless. Shall I whine and complain about Chase still out with no timeframe for his return (Ok, I do DO that, but I won’t bore my readers with my stalking)? Nuh uh. Ohhhh wait, I heard a rumor about Mrs. Madson sh*t talking on Philadelphia fans, have you? Probably, and I’m sure you don’t care.

My point here is this: in an effort to bring to you relevant, interesting Phillies conversation… something NEW has to happen. We can talk about how Doc is a beast until the cows come home (and feign shock when he has an off night). We can wear our hearts on our sleeve for Clifton Phifer during each of his starts (who threw a pretty damn good game Monday night despite the loss against the Diamondbacks, with Ian Kennedy pitching a complete shut out) but come on already. This was supposed to be a storybook season. “It’s still early!” Don’t worry, I hear you loud and clear friends. While the Fightins are currently 16-8 (and I am in no way displeased with their 1st place position I must add), if these bats don’t wake up, I think this season could become another chapter in the well known story of Philly sports “woulda/coulda/shoulda’s”. (I have never once wanted to be so wrong in my life).
Roy Oswalt unexpectedly left the Phillies this afternoon (after a pretty sh*tty start against Arizona Tuesday night) to be with his family after severe storms with damaging tornados came through his Mississippi town. I’m sure I speak on behalf of the Bunts phaithful in hoping that Roy, his family and his community are safe. Hurry back soon Roy!

Looks like Dom Brown is about to start a rehab assignment. Thoughts? Does it even matter?

Chooch left Wednesday afternoon’s game against the D-backs with back soreness.
Jose Contreras is on the DL; looking at a return in 3-4 weeks.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week.

-xo, DiamondGirl215
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  1. i got your back strain right here. why the hell is finding a decent healthy closer like finding a dependable goalie these days. and its too early to be worried but i definitely am concerned with our hitting and bullpen issues. that being said we still have 16 wins and lead the NL east...... oh and by the way how are the marlins 15-8?

  2. HouseOfFunkhausersApril 28, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    When an opposing pitcher walks JRoll in order to get to the Big Man, that worries Funkhauser. Everyone needs to stop whatever they're doing and watch Polanco at bat and take some damn notes on how to work a count.

  3. Didn't you knuckleheads read my latest? 'Offense? We Don't Need No Stinking Offense!' They will generate enough offense to win 100 games. Relax. They are on pace to win 108 right now. That's 7 better then the most in franchise history (101 in both 76 & 77).

  4. Its spelled S-H-I-T. Dom brown went 2-4 with a homer. I care. He was still rated the #3 prospect in all of baseball, but then again I'm even more excited about the return of the H.O.F.