Friday, April 29, 2011

Pete Orr & DL Smooth

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Pete Orr & DL Smooth

-Phightans terrorized the west coast like NWA!!!
-LOLZ @ walking Rollins to get to Howard.
-A*Rod hit a grandslam…he must be using Jeter’s pee again.
-Are CBP tix good at CBP West (in San Diego)?
-4 days til the Beastie Boys’ Hot Sauce Committee 2 hmmmmm..….drops!
-I told ya to get Orr in the mix.
-Polanco to cleanup….Polanco to cleanup.
-Hamels could grow a ZZ Top beard and he’d still look like a backup dancer for Lady Gaga.
-I’m pissed no one has asked me for nude pix yet.
-shout out to Mike Leake for the new kicks he got the ‘Bunts staff, but the dumb cashier forgot to take off the security tags.
-F’ Lehigh….Utley to LF & bat 9th!!!  Tell me where I’m wrong!
-the new ‘Bunts swag is sexy!
-Victorino flew thru Petco Park quicker than Taco Bell inside the bowels of the Wriz.
-Cholly took out Halladay and the cock crowed thrice (thanks Jen).
-I actually felt bad for the Padres…no real a-holes on that team like the Rockies.
-“CJ Hood was right.” -Wriz
-There were more people at my mom's Easter dinner than at Chase Field.
-Ibanez couldn’t hit a beach ball with a Big Bopper fat bat.
-The fans concerned over the number of Halladay's pitches still use MySpace.
-Contreras will be missed, but we got Bastardo.  That’s like breaking up with Apollonia to go out with Sheila E… bro!
-Oswalt's family > baseball
-I wasn't sweating the injuries ‘til Chooch got hurt!
-Ole King Cole was an ace in the hole, and an ace in the hole was he.
-Danny Watkins is a class act.
-The Phil's bats are like priests...they only work once a week.
-The Fish are swimming up North!
-time for Amaro to hit the Met's yardsale.  
-When is Ricky Bo not pissed?
-I friended the 'rally towel' on facebook.
-I'd take Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock & Madison over Brand, Hawes, Holiday, Iguodala & Meeks.
-not a hockey fan, but I do like saying Boucher bka Boo-shay!
-Dei Lynam...would ja?
-Republicans are now doubting Obama's black....Trump already challenged him to a rap contest.
-now Blanton’s on the DL…he choked on a ham sandwich.
-the only wedding I’ve ever watched on tv was between Uncle Elmer & Joyce on Saturday Night’s Main Event.
-we got the Mets this weekend…..let’s get bunted!


  1. I met Dei Lynam & Leslie Gudel through work. Dei Lynam is a total 'C' word. Leslie is super cool. You would think it would be the other way round. Since Leslie is hot & Dei's face looks like a beat up basketball. Chill on the Polly as cleanup. He can win a batting title as a 2 hole. Howard will heat up.

  2. Dei Lynam looks like she got hit wit a hot bag of nickles .

  3. "it was taken out of context"-Wriz

  4. Howard must have read my article!!!