Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Holidays (Inn Parking Lot)


-if the Mets win the World Series this year Parade Day is on December 21.
-Happy Valentine's Day...what ja get your hand?
-the last Asian NYC was this excited about was selling Coach bags at 75% off. #Lin
-Juan Pierre‘s my 2nd favorite fake French athlete behind Rene Goulet.
-I was more upset when Peter Criss left Kiss than I am over Oswalt’s departure.
-what's long & hard and didn’t get sucked on V*Day?
-RAJ did nothing to improve our starting offense.
-Whitney Houston’s crack pipe
-this is my first blog of the year....the peer pressure got to me.
-Wheels' rug must stink.
-if AJ Burnett becomes a Pirate his nickname will be Long John Headcase.
-I need the Sixers to start losing or I won‘t see the 1st month of the season.
-I miss Valdez already.
-my definition of March Madness is juggling Spring Training, college basketball & St. Patty's drinking.
-re-sign Raul and resign Herndon.
-I'm not bothered by Howard's absence...I'm more excited to see what Mayberry & Thome will do.
-Phils' bench has more new faces than Menudo.


-you see Pence's sister....THUNDER CATS...HHOOOOOOOOOO!
-Hamels is going to show D*Jax how a PRO’s supposed to behave when he wants more money.
-the Nat's are going to wear their Agoraphobiacs throwback uni's during their home stand against the Phils 
-how many wet tshirt contests will T*Mac participate in down at Clearwater?
-I saw Gary Carter play at Shea against the Phils in ‘86. #RIP
-Pat 'the bat' retired.  Now he could spend more time with his first love...your wife!
-@Cholly @ RAJ: What's the plan for changing the offense's approach at the plate?
-in honor of Valentine's Day, the Red Sox held their new skipper up for a keg stand.
-the groundhog saw his shadow...6 more years of Andy Reid
-f' it...I'm getting 'Josh Hamilton drunk' this St. Paddy's Day!
-buying a Pinto off of Larry Dallas is a more attractive deal than purchasing the Dodgers.
-In honor of Black History Month, I’m not going swimming.
-'Bunts Meet & Greet II is going to be the Empire Strikes Back of get-togethers.
-finally gonna meet the Trainrek Krew...maybe there'll be enough of us for a game of horseshoes.
-I don’t know any Arbor Day jokes.
-word is Blanton lost 15 lbs during the off season...I think DB29 found it.
-I’ll be doing standup at Curran’s in NE Philly on March 24th.  Email jimkorhan@yahoo.com for ticket info…let’s get ‘bunted!!!