Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'll Trade You for It

Top 9 Trades/Signings in Philly Sports History

Rube did it again! For the 3rd straight year he made a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline. Thank God he kept Ed Wade on his Christmas card list. Ed Wade is the gift that keeps on giving. He is the definition of 'Addition by subtraction'. He has done more for the Phillies as the GM of the Astros then he ever did as the Phils GM. Thanks for Brad Lidge, Roy Oswalt and Hunter Pence, Ed! And what did Rube have to give up to acquire these huge pieces you ask? Michael Bourn and some prospects. Pretty sweet deals. It got me thinking about the best deals the Philadelphia sports teams have made over the years. I'm going to break it down how The Wriz likes it, Prime 9 style.
9 - John LeClair, Eric Desjardains & Gilbert Dionne for Mark Recchi & a 3rd round pick. LeClair & Desjardains were huge for the 'Lindros Era' Flyers. They were big parts of the Flyers Cup run in 1998. A 50 goal scorer and a rock solid puck carrying defenseman for a good player is a nice deal.
8 - Brad Lidge & Eric Bruntlett for Michael Bourn, Geoff Geary & George...Sorry, Mike Costanzo. The Phillies are still looking for their first World Series victory since 1980 if not for Brad Lidge. A perfect season. He was automatic that year. Ed Wade's first gift to his former team.
7 - Terrell Owens, Free Agent Signing, cost the Eagles, Brandon Whiting and a 5th round conditional pick. We all know T.O. turned into the worlds biggest A hole in his second year with the Eagles. I still can see that tool working out in front of his house with reporters snapping questions and photos. His first year was nice, he was a good teammate, worked his butt off to come back for the Super Bowl. He would have been the MVP of that Super Bowl if Donovan didn't throw up all over the field.
6- Cliff Lee & Ben Fransisco for Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald, Lou Marson & Jason Knapp. Rube's first blockbuster at the trade deadline. This city fell in love with Cliff Lee. Cliff Lee fell in love with the city so much that he flipped the bird to New York to come back here. What's not to like about this deal?
5 - Bernie Parent for Doug Favell & a 1st Round pick. Only God saved more then Bernie! He carried the Broad Street Bullies to back to back Stanley Cup victories. Both Cup clinching games were shutouts. Can't get more clutch then that.
4 - Julius 'The Doctor' Erving purchased for 3 million dollars. The Nets were cash strapped and had to unload Dr J. The Sixers bought the best player they ever had for what Andre Iguodala makes in a month.
3 - Roy Halladay for Travis D'Arnaud, Kyle Drabek, & Michael Taylor. The Phillies got this generations best pitcher for prospects. You make that deal every time.
2 - Pete Rose, Free Agent. Signed for $3.2 million for 4 years. Pete put the Phillies over the top. He was the piece they needed to get over the hump and win their first World Series in franchise history. $800,000 a year was big money back then, now Kyle Kendrick makes twice that.
1 - Moses Malone, Free Agent signing, Sixers had to give Houston, Caldwell Jones & a 1st Round pick as compensation. Moses lead the Sixers to the promised land. He made a very good team that kept coming up short, great. The Sixers rolled through the 1982-83 season and playoffs. They lost 1 playoff game on their way to the title.
These lists are always good for discussion. Did I miss any great deals? Let me know.
Keep It Classy Philly!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Just 1 More Question?!?

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Just 1 More Question?!?

 RIP Peter Falk

-Who has better eyesight?  Mr Magoo or Jerry Meals
-What’s more overrated?  Dominick Brown’s play or Brian Wilson’s beard
-Which team made a worse move? Vikings getting McNabb or Seahawks getting Jackson
-Is Vance Worley the ‘real deal’ or a ‘fluke?’
-Which member of the ‘Bunts staff coached against & beat Andy Ashby?  cj hood or DB29
-Who’s hotter?  Amy Fadool or Lisa Hillary
-What’s more enjoyable?  Mariners beating the Yanks or a Wendy’s Baconater
-Who wastes more money in Washington?  politicians or ‘Nats/’Skins’ owners
-Who made a better TV cop?  TJ Hooker or Columbo
-What’s more cringe worthy?  Kendrick’s pitching or a hair in your meal
-Who would win in a fight?  Diamond Girl or Wheels (this could unfortunately happen one day)
-Which team is a bigger threat?  Giants or Braves
-Who has the best blog about the Phillies?  Phillies Bunts or Phillies Bunts
-Who was a better Heavyweight Champion?  Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior
-Which bat will carry the Phils to the Fall?  Ibanez or Utley
-Which movie series is better?  Harry Potter or Indiana Jones
-Which is watched more on TV?  World Cup Soccer or Real Housewives of (insert city)
-How many games til Haynesworth starts his shit w/Patriots? 0-8 or 9-16
-Which Phil will not go on the DL this season?  Lee or Howard
-Which relief pitcher will not make the post season roster?  Herndon or Carpenter
-What are the chances of a Phils/Yanks World Series?  less than 50% or more than 50%
-(Fill in the Blank)  Juan Samuel ---.  takes too many risks or is doing a great job.
-Who would you rather pinch hit?  Ross Gload or Ben Francisco
-Who will play less if the Phils get Pence?  Mayberry or Brown (if he stays)
-Who wouldn’t you want to see in an Eagles jersey in 2011?  Kolb or Favre
-Who would more likely ask you for a bite of your sandwich?  Andy Reid or Charlie Manuel
-What wouldn’t you rather do?  hand wash Blanton’s jock or talk to Wheels about his golf game (making eye contact the entire time)
-chose a question and discuss it below….let’s get ‘bunted!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(Happy) Meals to Go!

(Happy) Meals to Go!

“When I was a kid….” So many times those words precede a statement that is only true in our minds, not based in reality. Not a lie. It’s just how we remember things. The WAY we want to remember. Nana (Grandma) Wriz made the best mashed potatoes in the history of Thanksgiving dinners.  I already overheard Momma Wriz tell Poppa Wriz that she’ll take it to the grave that “Nana couldn’t cook for shit.” Yet, I still crave those mashed potatoes every November.

“When I was a kid, MLB umpires were second to none. The best you could find. Not like these clowns who steal every time they cash a paycheck.”  If you saw the ending the Braves/Pirates 19 inning marathon, you’d think I was talking about the egregious call Jerry Meals made when he called Julio Lugo safe to score the winning run. Meals was the only one who saw it that way. Not the fans. Not the Pirates. Not even the Braves. But I actually said it the day before watching the Phillies/Padres game.

When I was a kid, I remember watching games with Momma Wriz and we both would scream at the TV when the Phillies got hosed on a call only to see the “super slow motion” replay confirmed the umpire made the right call. But now, time and time again, MLB Umpires are CLEARLY blowing easy calls. I was firmly against any kind of video replay last year when Jim Joyce self admittedly blew the call to ruin Armando Galarraga’s perfect game.  Standing by my notion that the boys in blue did not an adequate job, but bordered on perfection, I was under the assumption the one or two calls a month that could be corrected by instant replay wouldn’t be worth the time it slowed down the game. But it’s not one or two a month but one or two a series if not a game. Video replay is used in the NBA, NHL and NFL. Tennis uses the Cyclops system which uses infrared laser light beams to determine if a ball is in or out. Every sport had clear resistance to begin using replay but it has shown to be a clear asset. I’m not saying everything should be reviewable. Balls and strikes would still be handles by the umpires and not reviewable. I would certainly be interested in a challenge system. Each manager gets 2 which he could reuse if the call was reversed. And I see no need for the entire crew to go watch the replay. Only the crew chief should leave the field.

When I was a kid the Pirates were one of baseballs best teams. God forbid the feel good story of the year, the Pittsburgh Pirates, miss the playoffs by one game. You will hear about last night’s game forever. The Pirates haven’t even had a winning record since 1992 let alone make the playoffs.

You Decide!

When I was a kid I was a baseball purist. I still am but maybe there is room for improve or at least correct blatant mistakes.

See ya at the ballpark!

Jay Wrizight

Also when I was a kid Happy Meals were the shit. Greasy Burgers, Fries cooked in animal fat and no shitty-ass apples.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kornhole Alley: Mr. Met Edition

Thanks for coming into my Kornhole. I want to thank Eugene for filling in last week and doing yet another exceptional job. Let’s get to bidness.


Yup. This so called machine couldn’t handle the heat. He’s soft. He asked Uncle Cholly to take him out of the game. Who the hell does he think he is?  Where’s his heart!? I don’t give a rat’s ass if he threw not one but two no-hitters last year, one being a playoff game, the other a perfect game.

The fact of the matter is this; he took himself out of a game, a game the team would eventually lose. Grow a set of balls and get back to me Doc when you’re a man again.

Obviously I don’t mean any of that. Doc is a beast, a machine if you will. But, if that was the Surfer “Cole Hamels” then this would be the conversation. This town hates Kid Cole more than Ryan Howard and Ryno is black. That’s really telling you something when racist white people hate a surfer more than a brotha!


Hello everyone. I am Mr. Met! I was supposed to write in this spot last week but that dang Kornhole had to take a week off. Whenever the Philthies play the mighty Mets I will fill in and give my two cents, which is all the Wilpons have left in the bank account. (Cue the snare drum).

The Amazin’s are gonna make the playoffs. We are a team with a lot of heart. The Philthies on the other hand, they choke. Never has a Mets team choked like the Phillies did in 1964. How pathetic was that?

The Phillies most beloved team the 1993 version was loaded with some drug addicts… errr… steroid users like Pete Inkivikilgiaialsisia, Danny Jagsin, and let’s not forget the Phillies organization brainwashed our beloved Lenny into steroids also.

Compare that to our 86 World Champions! We had the best Pitcher in baseball and not once would Dwight Gooden ever consider doing a drug, and let us not forget about the one and only Darryl Strawberry another fine young man who knew to just say no.

The Phillies may have won the series last week, but remember this. A war is won over time not over one stupid series. In the end the Mets will knock off those choke artists Philthies and be on their way to yet another World Series.


Thanks Mr. Met for that insightful analysis!

The trading deadline is upon us and though this team has the best record in baseball the fan base is screaming for the magician (Ruben) to pull another rabbit out of his ass hat. We went from the days of the great helicopter pilot Corey Lidle coming to us at the deadline to Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt.

So, the question is this!? Hunter Pence or Carlos Beltran!? If you ask me, I want nothing to do with Beltran. He is a scumbag Met and should continue pitching into Jose Reyes taint err tent.

Hunter Pence is not only THE guy to go and get but knowing that Ed Wade wants another ring I’m sure he will make this happen.

Here’s what I think it will take to get it done, and it’s not like its rocket science because it’s been rumored everywhere. The Phils will have to move either Worley or Dom Brown for Pence.

I know the fan base is up in arms because Brown hasn’t become the second coming of Willie Mays yet, if anything he’s been Willie Mays Hayes, but why would you give up on one of baseball best young prospects.

Vance Worley has been a guy I compared to Garrett Stephenson and J.A. Happ and I’m eating crow right now cause that dude has been down right nasty. I’m not saying Worley will be a stud for years to come but he is cheap and can be a serviceable #4 starter behind Doc, Bleepin, and Surfer for the next three years.

If I was the Rube, I’d offer Uncle Eddie, first base prospect Jonathan Singleton and one of the stud A-Ball pitching prospects. If he wants someone closer to major league ready then throw in Mayberry or Kyle the K or both.

It can happen and I think it will happen. I guess we’ll find out next Monday now won’t we.


The Giants and Pirates UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! These two teams have our number and here’s hoping the team comes out and kicks some ass this week to avenge last season’s NLCS and the Pirates dominating ways period!

I think the Phils take 2 of 3 from Giants then lose 2 of 3 against the Fuckos.

Thanks for coming in my Kornhole this week. Stop back next week for more of this crap!

Who wants to pop my E-mail’s cherry?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say What?

My 13 year old son, let's call him CB15, and I were throwing around baseball terms the other day. My wife, who jumped on the Phillies bandwagon in 2008 thought we were speaking a foreign language. This is a list of baseball lingo we came up with off the top of our heads.

Heat, Gas, Cheese, Ol' number 1, Throwing Smoke, Chin music, Bow tie, Brush back, Bean ball, Pulling the string, Dropping the hammer, Popping the glove, Painting the black, Gopher ball, Meat ball, 12 to 6, Balk, Pitchers duel, Payoff pitch, Pitch to contact, Pitch out, K, The bump, 4 seamer, 2 seamer, Cutter, Split Finger, Curve, Slider, Slurve, Slide Piece, Back foot Slider, Bugs Bunny Changeup, Circle Change, Fork ball, Sinker, Screw ball, Knuckle ball, Knuckle Curve, Gyro, Ephus pitch.

Rake, Crush, Hammer, Bomb, Dinger, Grand Salami, Knock, Round Tripper, Hit the cover off the ball, Seeing eye base hit, Texas leaguer, Flair, Line drive, Long gone, That balls outta here, Sawed off, Jammed, Slump, Mix up, Tape measure shot, Going yard, Leaving the yard, Small ball, Swinging for the fences, Good eye, Gapper, Seed,  Back through the box, Power alleys, Frozen rope, Drag bunt, Slug bunt, Butcher boy, Sac fly, Hit and run.

Flashing the leather, Web Gem, Hot corner, Tools of ignorance, Tailor made double play, Around the horn double play, 6-4-3, Robbed, No man's land, Booted, Room service hop, Short hop, Rag arm or 'Francisco', Can o' corn, Scoop, Shag.

Blowing a tire, Sniper got em', Brewhaha, Donnybrook, Send him to the showers, Deuces Wild, Ring him up, Punch out, Bang Bang play, Pickle, Run down, Bases loaded, Bases juiced, Runners at the corners, Battery,  You have a blinker on, Rule 5, Options.

Lastly Bunters, Suicide Squeeze, Safety Squeeze and Squeeze Play. What's the difference? And why is it a Home Run if it hits the 'Foul Pole'? Shouldn't it be called the 'Fair Pole'?
Feel free to comment with lingo we may have missed.
Keep It Classy Philly!
DB29 & CB15

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stop da bitchin’

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Stop da bitchin’


Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

Baby we can play all night 
Some think it ain't gettin us nowhere 
we play the best we possibly can 
There's nothing left inside of here 

And maybe you can cry all week 
But that'll never bring us a freakin’ sweep 
Injuries are really piling up; need bubble wrap 
Wish you wouldn't make me listen to your crap

Polanco’s back; Victorino’s thumb 
Fat Joe’s gunt & Oswalt’s back 
I'm tired of your words; you just sound dumb
But you've been cold to us so long 
What kind of fan are you with all these tears
And all I can do is keep on telling you 

I want to win, I need the win
But winning the series is just as good 
Now don't be sad 
'Cause two out of three ain't bad 
Now don't be sad 
'Cause two out of three ain't bad 

You'll never find a sweep up at Citi Field 
You might see a sweep once we’re healed
I know you're looking for a broom from the Phightin’ Phils
But there ain't no Swiffer Sweeper hiding at the bottom 
of a Cracker Jack box 

I can't lie, I can't tell you that we’ll ever sweep again
No matter how they try 
They'll never be able to give you something 
Something ’til we sign Beltran 

There's only one team that I will ever love 
That started so many years ago 
And though I know I'll never get them out of my heart 
stop bitchin ‘bout them not sweepin’ bro!

I remember how Doc left us on that hazy night 
How he bent over and couldn’t catch his breath 
And though I pleaded and I begged not to put Herndon in
Cholly called for the right-hander anyway 

And he kept on telling me 
She kept on telling me 
They kept on telling me 

I want to win, I need the win
But winning the series is just as good 
Now don't be sad 
'Cause two out of three ain't bad 

I want to win, I need the win
But winning the series is just as good 
Now don't be sad 
'Cause two out of three ain't bad 

Baby you can bitch all night 
But that ain't getting us nowhere 

© Phillies Bunts Records 2011

-we’re the first MLB team to reach 60 wins….let’s get ‘bunted!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Road Trip with the World Famous Rally Towel!

Join Rally Towel and Phriends in DC to see the Phils play the Nationals, August 20-21. Kids are welcome, so bring the whole family!

Package includes:

- Round-trip motor coach from Phila. to DC
(Saturday morning to Sunday evening)
- Lower level outfield seat for SUNDAY'S 1:35 game
- Prizes and refreshments on the bus
$90 per person ($76 for kids 14 and under)
Includes all taxes and driver gratuity

Additional: Hotel accommodations
Room for 1-2 people: $102
Room for 3-4 people: $125
Optional: Infield Club Level seat for SATURDAY night’s game $66

Please contact Rally and advise how many adults, how many kids 14 and under, and we'll send you a PayPal invoice!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Doctor has Left the House

Well not really, he mere left the field much earlier than he normally does when he toes the rubber.  I sat there stunned and I had the worse feeling in my gut when he called Chooch out to the mound in the fifth inning of his last start. I knew something was wrong. I can’t say Doc never shows emotion on the mound. Time and time again, I’ve seen him stab his glove in disgust at the return throw from Ruiz when he felt he was slighted on a strike that was called a ball. But that is usually the extent of his emotions on the hill. Doc looked worried like something was REALLY wrong. I was worried he felt a strain or worse heard something pop. Ninety-five percent of the time he goes about his business “like a robot” a description that is about as overused as Mick Billmeyer’s beer cozy, but true nonetheless. In fact, as the famous Phillies Bunts’ commenter, House of Funkhausers stated the Cubs announce team had stated something to the effect that “the thermostat of the robot was broken.”

Those who live and die with the Phillies know Doc is a relentless pitching machine who while not vocal leads by example showing up to the training complex at five in the morning to get his workout started. I’m not going to lie. Halladay has been my favorite pitcher since way before he donned a Phillies cap and pinstripes so maybe I’m taking this too personal but I can’t believe what people have been saying about Halladay leaving the game. In fact this is how Wikipedia has been updated:

On April 24, 2011, Halladay struck out 14 and allowed just 5 hits in the game as his team swept the San Diego Padres in all four games. Halladay took a two-hitter into the ninth before allowing three straight singles. He allowed just one run and won, 3–1.
In May, Halladay was named the 2011 winner of the John Wanamaker Athletic Award, by the Philadelphia Sports Congress, based on his 2010 season.
On July 18th, Roy Halladay was clinically diagnosed with pussidis, after leaving his start against the Cubs due to the heat.

For those who don’t know, pussidis is “a chronic condition in which a man's behavior     makes it seem as if he has a pussy between his legs.” I know anyone can update a Wiki page, so maybe it’s just a Phillies hater. But explain so called Phillies fans comments on Facebook and message boards. If 2 Cy Youngs aperfect game, a playoff no hitter and a tireless work ethic hasn’t garnered enough respect to trust Halladay knows his own body and when something is wrong than nothing will ever be good enough.

Earlier this week, Eugene wrote a great piece on how Philadelphia is no longer an Eagles town but a Phillies town, while I completely agree; a large majority of Phillies fans still have a football mentality. That every game is do or die and it’s just not the case. I don’t want to see Roy Halladay out on the mound dizzy and blurred vision and take a liner off the noggin and miss months or the rest of the season because I need to talk about a Phillies win tomorrow. I’d rather talk about a World Series Championship 20 years from know.

The Phillies have great jerseys. In fact I’ll forgo the suit; I’d like to be buried in one. The problem with a Phillies jersey is the sleeves cover up a lot of Eagles tattoos.

Stay hydrated and I’ll see ya at the ballpark!

Jay Wrizight

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Doc's Daze of Summer

Uh oh.
Oh Shit.
Ohhhhhhhh NO.
What the effffffffff?!?!

I'm going to go out on a real limb here and guess that one or two (or three, maybe four) of the above exclamations came out of your mouth at some point during last nights debacle against the Cubs in hotter-than-hell Chicago. With Halladay facing the Cubbies and their right-handed P Rodrigo Lopez for the series opener, NO ONE would have expected to see what would transpire over a ridiculously short outing by the Phils Ace.

The incredibly conditioned Halladay scared the heck-fire out of  people with his unusual demeanor on the mound last night, giving up 3 runs during his four-plus innings. After allowing a lead off single in the 5th, Halladay appeared to be struggling to catch his breath. Having bent over earlier in the game for what can only be described as in exhaustion and/or dehydration, Halladay attempted to cool himself by removing his undershirt before the 4th inning. It soon became evident to Charlie Manuel, Scott Sheridan and Rich Dubee that Doc ran out of gas early in the game, a result of the dangerous combination of high heat and humidity.
Halladay was not available for comment after the game but promised (through Phillies media) that he would be making his next start against this weekend against the Padres at CBP.

With as many player losses the Phillies have suffered in the 2011 season, anything more serious than losing Halladay for half a game because of overexertion during a stifling mid-summer evening could prove catastrophic for the Fightins. This team may post a first place MLB-wide 59-36 record that is undoubtedly due to the efforts of Halladay, Lee and Hamels, but with the Braves now only 2 ½ games behind – any issue that may arise with just one of the Phils Aces would be definitely put this team in a precarious situation. And it seems like both Manuel and RAJ may be thinking the same thing as the 2011 trade deadline looms.

Manuel has recently been very vocal about the possibility of adding a bat to the lineup before the looming trade deadline closes. Hitters like Josh Willingham or Carlos Beltran could be a good fit for the Phillies, but at what expense? Not to mention that Philadelphia is not the only team in the market for a hitter  - Atlanta, Boston, and San Francisco along with the surprise of the season Pittsburgh Pirates are all capable of snatching up a hitter that would add value to the team in the seasons 2nd half and possibly deep into the post-season. While our starting pitching has been unbelievable in the seasons early half, a scare like the one we witnessed last night with Halladay (which THANKS TO THE GREAT BASEBALL GODS he is going to be OK) can only make this girl think that adding a bat to our sporadic offense as a preemptive measure in the case of a pitching disaster would be very, very smart. We are just now learning that Joe Blanton may very well be out for the remainder of 2011 and it would only prove beneficial to add a bat to an offense that has been lacking most of this season.

I'm not trying to sound any alarms, people... we got lucky that last night was a fluke in the stellar career of Roy Halladay. But I can NOT deny that it scared me into thinking what if it had been much more serious of an injury? Could we continue on the way we have been without Halladay (or even if an injury to Lee or Hamels occurred during the 2nd half). Last night only proved that Roy Halladay is HUMAN... and being HUMAN means the ever present possibility of injury. Should that happen, would the Phillies offense be strong enough to carry the team deep into the post-season? Just a few things to think about as the trade deadline is approaching.


Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kornhole's Alley: Eagles vs Fightins edition

Hello everyone and thanks once again for coming hard into my Kornhole. I have pretty much busy as hell this week working on another project so I asked Eugene to step in and do my dirty work inside the Kornhole. So, without further adieu.


This is Eugene again. I’m the guest columnist for Kornhole’s Alley this week. I was sitting around yesterday watching the Phils unravel against the Met’s when Korhan asked me if I’d be interested in doing it, because he had a 5pm liason with his favorite hooker on the Ave. I know he waited forever for this meeting with Bruce so I decided to help him out. Anyway down to business.

When I was a kid, I believe the Eagles were Philadelphia’s team. Now the Phillies are Philadelphia’s team. This isn’t to say people weren’t Phillies fan before or aren’t Eagles fans now. I’m saying the passion level is what has changed. It would be easy to say that the Phillies 2008 World Series title is the reason and that is probably the major reason it changed, but I believe it started when the teams moved into their new stadiums, or quite possibly their move out of the Vet could be what started the pendulum swinging the other direction.

I remember when I was a kid and during the fall on Sundays everyone would wear their Eagles Jersey, Jackets, hats or hoodies. I would go outside and there would be barely any noise unless it was coming from the bar when the Eagles did something good or bad. Even today most people wear their Eagles gear on game day. The only difference between now and then is that the other six days of the week everyone is wearing their Phillies gear. Back then the only time most people wore their Phillies gear was when they would go to the Vet.

Why did this start to happen? Both teams were moving into two beautiful state of the art stadiums to move out of the concrete jungle that was the Vet. The Eagles were one of the top teams in the NFL and had just been in their second consecutive Conference Championship, and the Phillies were beginning their climb to be a capable Major League Team. Both teams moving out of the Vet and into new stadiums and the future was looking bright for both teams.

When Veteran’s Stadium closed its doors for the final time on September 28, 2003 the Eagles were already out of the stadium for eight-months, and had already opened Lincoln Financial Field. The Vet held lots of memories for both Phillies and Eagles fans. The difference was that the Vet earned it’s stripes during Eagles games. Eagles fans took pride in the fact that the stadium was a tough place for visitors whether they were on the field or in the stands they displayed passion and even criminal behavior all for the name of their team. This isn’t to say that Phillies fans didn’t make some noise because we all know rowdiness happened during baseball season as well.

When the Vet was all sealed off and being dismantled the Eagles wanted nothing to do with the stadium. Whether it was because at the time their season was in full swing or they just wanted to distance themselves from unwanted memories of road flares, snowballs and rowdiness. The Phillies did all the leg work in auctioning off the seats and everything else that was auctioned off. They did more to recognize the Vets demise than the Eagles did, and some Philadelphia fans took note of this. I don’t believe that this is what swung the pendulum, but I believe it put the Phillies in the good graces of the fans.

So now we’re several seasons into the new stadium era and here’s what the teams have done. The Phillies have developed players and still had a few more key pieces coming up in the minor leagues and really didn’t do anything to get the fans behind them except for be patient and wait for the winning to begin. Eventually they would fire Larry Bowa and hire Charlie Manuel to give the team guidance. The Eagles are still using the same playbook from Andy Reid’s first season, but they have a catchy slogan. ONE…ONE CITY…ONE TEAM….ONE DREAM. ONE GOOD IDEA TO SELL MORE MERCHANDISE. On the bright side they made it to the Super Bowl, where they eventually lost, on their fourth trip to the NFC Finals. So that’s what they did after the stadiums opened.
Slowly fans took notice of the Phillies slowly emerging from behind the shadow of the bigger team from the bigger league with the bigger pay roll. The Phillies players all seemed to enter their prime and the emergence of players like Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Cole Hamels and the sting of defeat made the Phillies team not want to repeat their playoff performance of 2007, and go on to win the World Series.

After the Phillies won the World Series, it seems as if both the Phillies and Eagles have developed their own separate fan bases. I know many people who didn’t like the Eagles for years, and people who just despise baseball so much they don’t care about the Phillies. I’ve gone to message boards where I’ve seen Phillies fans trash talking Eagles fans. When did this become a White Sox and Cubs type of rivalry? Is it Eagles fans bitterness to no longer being the top team in town? Or is it Phillies fans in their Philadelphia best attitude talking trash for surpassing the Eagles.

Eagles games still sell out and fans still wear their Sunday’s best during football season to show their support of the Eagles, but the rest of the week people are about the Phillies even when it’s not baseball season. A friend of mine commented about his son’s daycare the other day that when they go outside during the summer all the children need to wear hats. Every child wore a Phillies hat.

If you follow pro athletes for their witty comments and have the ability to stalk them like I do you would know even other pro athletes in town know that CBP is the place to be. On Twitter, I stalk…er follow James van Riemsdyk of the Flyers and Evan Turner of the Sixers. This past week, I saw a twitter conversations where they were catching up with each other, and at the end of it JVR said he and Turner should catch a Phillies game together.

So basically, I just threw a bunch of letters and words together and said what we already knew. Citizens Bank Park is the place to be and the Phillies have surpassed the Eagles and Philadelphia’s team. Now it’s up to the Eagles to start trying to win a Super Bowl and recreate the excitement and keep themselves in the running for Philadelphia’s team. And do away with their new motto of 25/8. They should concentrate on the right mix of players and try and earn the chance to sell Super Bowl Champions shirts, and stop trying to sell catch phrases to get our money.


Thanks Eugene for adding your hand to my Kornhole. I’ll be back next week with my usual rumblings. Until then I’d like to receive my FIRST EMAIL. Even if it is spam or some doctor in Africa offering to pay me millions if I give them my bank account number. So email me

Sunday, July 17, 2011

All Star Scrubs

Bruce Bochy & Derek Jeter Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

The All Star Game is now in the rearview and the Phillies start the second half as the best team in baseball. As fans, we should be overjoyed our top two aces helped clinch home field advantage for the National League in the World Series. You can ask any great baseball mind and they will tell you the Phillies have better then a 50/50 shot to represent the National League in late October. I'm just not happy with the way Bruce Bochy got the 'W'. He used Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee for 2 innings each. Ok, we have the best horses, I get that. Halladay made the American League's best look like a Single A team, Brian Wilson had the best sound bite of the festivities when he called Halladay a 'Cyborg'. Then, Bochy trotted out the hottest pitcher in baseball, Cliff Lee. He had a quick inning so he kept him in for a second. I'm still ok with that. What happened next is what I have a problem with. What other National League team is a threat to the Giants? The second best team in the NL right now are the Atlanta Braves. Bruce Bochy ran out Jair Jurrjens for 2 innings followed by Craig Kimbrel and Jonny Venters. All while having Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Ryan Voglesong sitting on the bench. He gets a pass on Voglesong because he pitched the Sunday prior. But come on! His guy is a 2 time Cy Young award winner and he can't get a sniff of the field? Bochy also had no intention of using his closer, Brian Wilson in the game. If Joel Hanrahan doesn't struggle in the 9th the Giants pitchers fly back to San Fran in a hermetically sealed packet. The Phillies and Braves pitchers were effectively burned by Bochy while his guys just smiled for the cameras. Bush league Bochy!

Speaking of Bush league, WTF Jeter? I actually broke down and watched an American League game to see you get your 3,000 hit. Man, you did it in style, a Home Run for number 3,000. My only complaint was not enough camera time for your latest bimbo, Minka Kelly. Then, you take a steaming dump on all that good will by skipping the All Star game. Then your scumbag teammates followed suit, Mariano Rivera and CC Sabathia also decided to take a pass. People wonder why everyone outside New York hates the Yankees, this is a perfect example. The entire organization thinks they are better then the game. Baseball is played outside the Bronx and I'm not talking about Yankee road games. Get over yourself. I had mad respect for you, I thought you were unaffected by the Yankee 'aire of superiority'. Guess not. Hopefully losing home field for the World Series won't effect you because your squad lays an egg in the second half. If there are baseball Gods you will be playing game 7 in South Philly. You will only have yourself to blame.

Here we go Bunters! The Fightin' Phils are getting healthy and Mayberry may have finally figured it out. The second half is going to be a fun ride. You also never know what trade deadline magic Rube has up his sleeve. LET'S GO PHILLIES!!!

Keep It Classy Philly!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet, Greet & Repeat!

Hoodwink’d    by cj hood
Meet, Greet & Repeat!

I’m sure my fellow Buntamaniacs are sick of hearing about the 1st Annual ‘Bunts Meet & Greet at CBP last Sunday…but f’ it, one more review won‘t kill ya!  The media blitz surrounding this event could only be compared to Tiffany’s Mall Tour circa ‘86.  Below are some of the highlights…

Top 25 Things Overheard at the 1st Annual Phillies Bunts Meet & Greet:
25.  “Are you going to eat that?”  -Wheels
24.  “Can I have a beer?”  -Hood
23.  “So we start grinding and shit…”  -J. Wilt
22.  “Yeah, I’m not doing anything Tuesday night.”  -D. Jeter
21.  “What’s Phillies Bunts?”  -old lady fan in Holiday Inn parking lot
20.  “I think you gave Doug Diamond Girls shirt by accident.” -Hood 
19.  “I don’t read that sh*t!” -Phils fan w/cheesy mustache
18.  “Personally, I think you funnier.” -DB29
17.  “Hold me up for a keg stand.”  -Sarge
16.  “I think I’m going to start playing today.”  -M. Martinez

3 The Hard Way

15.  “I’ll take the Phils & the over.”  -D. Lowe
14.  “Wheels just double dipped.”  -Wriz
13.  “I’ll take another one…”  -Hood
12.  “I tell the pretty ones I’m divorced and the ugly ones I’m separated.” -J. Wilt
11.  “Money’s overrated.” -C. Lopez (google it)

w/my buddy Nick

10.  “You’ll have 35 more Facebook fans by tonight!”  -old lady fan
9.   “Tickets!!!”  -scalper who looked like Junkyard Dog
8.  “There’s too many kids at this Meet & Greet.”  -C. Anthony
7.  “You’re not drinking are you?”  -Mrs. Hood (via text)
6.  “You think Wriz would sign my t*ts?”  -T*Mac
5.  “Money’s overrated.” -M. Attanasio (google it)
4.  “Those beers are going, going, going, going, going GONE…WOW!” -C. Berman
3.  “You know Pistachio Girl?”  -Wriz
2.  “Just one more and I gotta go.”  -Hood
1.  “What does Diamond Girl smell like?”  -Wheels

-We're gonna have home field advantage in the Fall.....let's get 'bunted!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Social (Bunts) Network

As an avid sports fan, today (as in the day following the MLB All-Star game) is like hell on Earth. There ain't shit going on. I know the US Women have a World Cup semi-final game but it comes on in the morning and besides, unless Hope Solo is going mimic Brandi Chastain, the Wriz could care less.  If you've been a faithful reader of the Wriz you may remember last year I gave you a glimpse of what goes on in the social networking lives of my famous MLB related friends. Even though several Facebook friends deleted me for exposing their status, it was less friends than I lost when i got drunk and exposed "little Wriz." So once again, some of my Facebook friends and their status updates during the All-Star break:

Jose Contreras I hope to be activated soon.
       Jay Wrizight You're not hurting anymore.
       Jose Contreras Hurt? Nah, man. I was laying low. Trump was asking for
                                  birth certificates.

Cliff Lee I can't believe they used the DH last night. I'm swing a hot bat right now.

Roy Halladay Disappointed I threw 5 balls last night.
       JC Romero I can show you how to throw more.
       Roy Halladay I know.

Carlos Ruiz SI cover!

Derek Jeter Using the break to get some rest.
       CC Sabathia We gonna hang out?
       Mariano Rivera Yeah that sounds like fun.
       Bud Selig Don't forget to invite me.
       Jay Wrizight STFU Pussies!
       Bud Selig Even me?
       Jay Wrizight Especially you

Michael Stutes Back from the hair saloon anybody wanna come over and watch Never Say Never?

Antonio Bastardo Screw David Robertson, I'm the best high socks pitcher in MLB.
       Jay Wright No Doubt!

Joe Buck Sorry for my lame announcing last night I had a cold.
       Jay Wrizight More like McCarver juice stuck in your throat.
       Joe Buck How'd you get on my page? I never accepted you as a friend.
       Jay Wrizight Haha you set it up as a fan page. I noticed you didn't deny
                              my accusation.
       Joe Buck It doesn't deserve to be acknowledged.
       Jay Wrizight Or maybe you don't want to hurt Tim feelings.
       Tim McCarver You don't understand
       Jay Wrizight I understand you get the backdoor Slamma Lamma Ding Dong!

Mike Zugerski Triple A All-Star game tonight!
       Dave Herndon LOL!

Chase Utley Crazy Fucking Bitch hacked into my Facebook account!
       DiamondGirl Who did? I'll beat their ass!
       Jen Utley why won't this bitch leave us alone
       DiamondGirl who? Am I missing something?
       Chase Utley yes
       Wayson Jerth Jen its (you know) call me
       Jen Utley LOL .215!

Bill Scardefield I think I finally found the one!
       CJ Hood Pre-nup my man pre-nup!

Joe Blanton Looking forward to the second half, I always dominate
       Danys Baez Good Luck man! Who are you playing for now?
       Joe Blanton The Phillies, man
       Danys Baez really?

Michael Martinez Hopefully I can finally get these bloggers off my back with a 4 hit game.
       Jay Wrizight Not Likely
       Jimmy Rollins BTW  1999 Jimmy called he wants his look back!
       Jay Wrizight hahahhahahaha Young James!
       Jimmy Rollins Yo Wriz lemme get a discount on a Phillies Bunts tee
       Jay Wrizight hahaha no hometown discounts
Ryan Madson I hope my wife won't give me a hard time when its time to head back to Philly.

Justin Timberlake @ Joe Buck I lied I was drunk

Jay Wrizight Thanks all the Phillies Bunts fans, You guys are awesome.
       Big Ragu still pissed i wasn't invited to the meet and greet

See ya on the Internets!

Jay Wrizight