Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's Been Baseball Weather Out Here for Weeks

    View From the Left Coast by a Lefty:  It's Been Baseball Weather Out Here for Weeks
During the past week, Epstein's Mom practically commanded me to do my first piece of the season. Maybe because she needed to feel like spring was coming. That's when it hit me... it's been baseball weather here in AZ for WEEKS already. Hint: check Wed's expected high.  :D

Enough people on FB have seen me post similar, but her request almost slapped me in the face earlier today. I was driving down Indian School Rd on the Phoenix/Scottsdale border when low and behold I saw two uniformed teams playing a game on a nicely landscaped field behind a Jr High. Then coming home, 100 yards across the street from my front door where the SF Giants practice, I heard the sounds of what sounded liked catchers mitts and wood bats. Low and behold there looked like an organized practice for some team. The Giants aren't due here for 2 weeks or so, and only one of three fields was being used, but IT WAS BASEBALL for the second time today. Is that an omen or two or what?
Now, my problem is how do I work the Phillies into all this? Several of the Phillies contingent are in Clearwater now, and have sent posts, pics and tweets back already. How do I compete with that? Do I badmouth all the over 35 signings, or the career bad pitchers signings, or Ruin Amaro himself? Do I bitch about Ruf getting screwed over again before camp even starts? Do I go back to my last blog of the year last September and tell you all I nailed almost every point I made? (Well I did LOL). Do I point to the above picture and gloat about it while most of you are freezing your balls of? (Wait, I've been doing that for weeks already too haha). Do I try shaming Diamond Girl into actually writing something now that she's graduated? Do I beg DB29 or Kornhole to suck it up and get back here where they belong?
And then it came to me, after looking at my calendar that has all of my vacation days for this year(picked last year between 9/30/13 and 10/12/13) and realizing HEY... if the Meet'N'Greet IV is going to be the last Sunday in June, I HAVE THE ENTIRE WEEK OFF following it. Here I was all down because I couldn't attend my second HOF induction with my mates from 67/68 on 6/6/14 but hell I've already been there & done that 8 years ago. Now I'm all pumped I might be able to make MNG4 as long as my brother will be home so I can mooch a place to stay for free lol. I swear this just came to me in the last hour or so. Being old means you have to regroup memories/ideas/thoughts almost daily to survive these days lol. And just maybe I can stay for the game this year, cause I fucking hate ATL with a passion(it's personal for me going back to 1968). Thanks to CJ Hood for pushing suggesting this date so he could be with his sons on their bday, which we discussed at length a few days ago. Yes, I wasn't planning on coming back this year but WTF money was made to be spent and I have some family to catch up with too... right now who knows but things are looking way more up than yesterday.
Oh, if you're pissed I haven't picked the opening day lineup or "roasted" Ruin Amaro or spelled out why Cody Asche should start at third, tough shit. This whole blog became a revelation as it unfolded and at this moment I'm in a much better mood than I was this morning. I'll leave you guys with this gem: a shot in the dark, Mike Adams overcomes successful shoulder surgery to again become a dominant 8th inning setup man. We need him desperately. And out of the blue Mad Dog can suddenly throw like a mofo again to take over the 7th inning chore. Hey WTF, it could happen lmao.
                                                Bill S aka/netfather