Monday, October 8, 2012

What a joke?

Hoodwink’d by cj hood
What a joke?

-this season was like the Hulk Hogan sex tape: quick & awkward.
-LOL @ Braves
-Phillies fans would have thrown the soft pretzel cart onto the field.
-Happy Doctober…oh wait.
-unemployment rates fell this week, but not in Philly. #perlozzo #mackanin #gross
-Oct 16th is Boss Day…I heard Ryno bought Chollie some monogrammed luggage.
-BREAKING NEWS: The Philly Phanatic was fired and replaced by the San Diego
-my fave Oktoberfest libation is Fegley’s BreWWorks Devious Imperial Pumpkin.
-the boys over at Phillies Game Chat make DB29 look like Ryan Reynolds.
-Romney celebrated his debate success by buying 4 factories and shutting them down.
-Phillies’12 MVP’s: Thome, Pence & Ibanez
-how‘bout my Eagles?!?
-congrats to Brad Pitt and that fat kid for turning the A’s around!
-f’the Gnats!
-the presidential debate would have been better if it was done on Piper’s Pit.
-where do I pick up my ‘2012 Bunter Of The Year Award’?
-congrats to all of the Baltimore Orioles fan!
-Happy Columbus Day unless you’re Native American…then sorry about all that.
-RAJ looked like Obama during that press conference. #dazedandconfused
-the NHL season might be canceled. #yawn
-throw Papp more money bro!
-you need a CF Reuben? I heard Big Bird is available.
-follow me on my sports LOL Twitter feed @ccnlive.
-I don’t know who produced less this season: Martinez or Kornhole.
-MORE BREAKING NEWS: The Red Sox fired Bobby Valentine again.
-Andy Reid’s shirt size is Tent.
-get David Wright ASAP…let’s get ‘bunted!!!